Data Governance Technology

Data Governance Technology is a dynamic feature of Verdantis Integrity to ensure data cleansing and harmonization on an on-going basis. The unique proposition that Verdantis brings to the table is the automated Approval Workflow, which facilitates the entire data addition/modification process across a customer-specified hierarchy.

The Approval Workflow is a real-time solution, which can be customized to suit specific customer requirements. Aided by the attribute-based search feature, the workflow improves the whole data management process on a real-time basis.

While enhancing the visibility across the divisions concerned in an organization, the Approval Workflow also assigns Data Stewardship critical for handling the master data. The flexibility of the Data Governance Technology is amply highlighted in cases where a specific set of information is referred to the concerned division by a requisitioner. The ‘Workflow’ then follows the hierarchy of that particular division to give a logical end to the entire process.

This is another example of Verdantis' class-defining solutions that can address all ERP MDM related concerns for an organization.

The Verdantis Data Governance Technology Advantage

  • Enriched and clean material master data on a continuous basis
  • Attribute based search for efficient search capabilities and enhanced results
  • Approval workflow for routing of request for new data creation to various stakeholders
  • Short & long description generation for harmonized and enriched data
  • Interactive dashboard for collaboration
  • Provides visibility of parts across plants/locations