ERP consolidation and purchasing process streamlining have emerged as major initiatives for organizations with global footprints. This necessitates consolidation of enterprise wide material masters. A critical success factor of material master data consolidation is uniform, normalized and enriched description of item data through out the enterprise i.e. the single version of truth. AutoSpec presents the automated attribute extraction and enrichment advantage for enterprises striving to attain procurement & sourcing efficiencies and heading for ERP implementation/ upgrade/consolidation.

AutoSpec is a fully automated tool that normalizes and enriches the input description by extracting information from any pre-defined text or field. Coupled with AutoCrawl it has the ability to attach additional attributes to the input data by crawling through the World Wide Web.

The Verdantis AutoSpec Advantage

  • Fully automated tool that can extract information from any pre-defined text or field
  • Normalization of the input description
  • Enrichment of the content using co-referencing to extract additional critical attributes from the web
  • AutoSpec provides a rich set of API's that allows for seamless integration with third party systems
  • Rich knowledge base of over 1 million normalized and un-normalized item descriptions and supplier/manufacturer names gives AutoSpec an enviable competitive edge
  • Unique automated approach reduces the turnaround time of the data

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