Verdantis Integrity for Vendor Master Data Management

Real-time data integrity. Data de-duplication at source.
Verdantis Integrity is an automated VMDM tool that manages the quality of master data on an on-going basis. It keeps a cleansed, normalized vendor master permanently clean. Verdantis Integrity is a one-stop solution for maintaining the quality of vendor master data in the ERP system. It prevents data duplication and enable enhanced discovery, visibility and compliance by the vendors.

Vendor Master Data is a key asset of an organization. Companies embark on an exercise to consolidate all this data to have a single version of the truth. However, once the data normalization is done, companies face the following challenges in keep the data clean on an on-going basis:

  • Limited search capabilities of existing ERP systems
  • Lack of proper processes to control the entry of data into vendor master leading to duplication
  • Poor visibility
  • Lack of information about the details of existing vendors while entering new vendor data
  • Lack of domain expertise to handle vendor data


Generic solutions that try to deal with all types of master data, focus more on normalization and standardization. They have simple rule-based work flows to ensure data integrity. On the other hand, Verdantis Integrity is a class-defining solution that focuses on the critical vendor master data normalization process, and keeps it clean on an on-going basis.

Verdantis Integrity is powered by AI-based solutions & deep domain expertise and works on a real time basis to maintain data quality. It automatically normalizes & validates the data, enriches it, checks for duplication, and enables superior discovery of vendors with similar names. Another unique feature is the dynamic Approval Workflow, which is a key component of Verdantis's Data Governance Technology.

Verdantis Integrity seamlessly integrates with SAP R/3 and other leading ERP applications. It helps get the most out of the existing ERP vendor master by enabling superior search and increasing adoption and compliance.

Verdantis Integrity Architecture

Key Features

  • Defines Data Governance policies involving Requisitioner, MDM team and vendors
  • Attribute based search advantage
  • Maintains vendor hierarchy (parent-child)
  • Gets certifications from vendors (W9, minority, etc.)
  • Background check for suppliers
  • Against suppliers blacklisted by an organization for dual invoicing , not meeting the norms etc
  • External agencies debarred list like GSA , Department of Homeland Security

Key Benefits

  • Normalized and enriched supplier details
  • Visibility of vendors across all enterprise plant locations
  • Monitor and improve vendor compliance as per enterprise standards
  • Seamless integration with SAP R/3 and other ERP platforms


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