Material Master Data Management (MMDM)

Material master data (often referred to simply as the “material master”) contains descriptions of all materials that an enterprise procures, produces, and keeps in stock. It is the central repository of information on materials (such as inventory levels). Material master contains descriptions of a variety of data elements including part number, description and stocking codes.

Material master is considered the core functionality for any ERP system using distribution or manufacturing type functions. The integration of all material data in a single materials database eliminates the problem of data redundancy. This permits the data to be used by various departments/applications such as:

  • Accounting: Valuation and pricing calculation information
  • Materials planning and control: Information for material requirements planning and consumption-based planning/inventory control
  • Purchasing: Data provided by purchasing for a material
  • Engineering: Engineering and design data on a material
  • Warehousing: Information related to the storage of a material
  • Forecasting: Information for predicting material requirement
  • Sales and distribution: Information for sales orders and pricing

Verdantis Harmonize for Automated Material Master Data Harmonization:
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Verdantis Integrity Enterprise for Ongoing Material Master Data Governance (Multiple ERP/EAM):
This is a master data management application that integrates with leading ERP systems. It uses the embedded AI technology on a real-time basis to prevent duplication at source, ensure permanent data integrity, and enhance search effectiveness. Learn More...

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