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Unlock the hidden potential of your MRO data with Verdantis' best-of-breed master data cleansing and data governance solutions

Material Master Data Management (MMDM)

Material master data (often referred to simply as the "material master" or "item master") contains descriptions of all materials that an enterprise procures, produces, and keeps in stock. It is the central repository of information on materials and contains descriptions of a variety of data elements including part number, description, technical specifications and stocking codes.
Material master is considered the core functionality for any ERP system used in distribution or manufacturing type functions. The integration of all material data in a single materials database eliminates the problem of data redundancy. This permits the data to be used by various departments/applications such as:

  • Accounting

    Valuation and pricing
    calculation information

  • Materials planning and control

    Information for material requirements
    planning and consumption-based
    planning/inventory control

  • Purchasing

    Data provided by purchasing
    for a material

  • Engineering

    Engineering and design
    data on a material

  • Warehousing

    Information related to the storage of a material

  • Forecasting

    Information for predicting
    material requirement

  • Sales and distribution

    Information for sales orders and pricing

  • Accurate, granular data encapsulation

    Atomic level view for item and product masters gives additional optimization opportunities

Verdantis Suite

HARMONIZE – Get it Clean

Clean and de-duplicated data

Increases productivity and optimizes costs

Automated approach

Helps deliver a 10x increase in throughput

Quick time to value

Generates greater ROI through Data Quality initiatives

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INTEGRITY – Keep it Clean

Robust data governance

Restricts corrupt data from entering

Fuzzy logic capability

Enables searching for the desired materials

Configurable workflows

Keep material master clean and ensure compliance

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Verdantis's Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology forms the bedrock of all its solutions. With a unique combination of AI-based solutions and domain expertise, Verdantis has become the preferred choice for Global 2000 organizations for their MDM requirements. This unique combination automatically classifies, de-duplicates, enriches and manages the master data. It is an intelligent system that learns and gets better over time.
  • Harmonize Classification

    The Verdantis Advantage

    • Automated approach gives consistency in classification, higher throughput and greater accuracy over a manual effort
    • AI technology provides a closed loop learning mechanism, which improves the tool's performance over a period of time in the form of increased classification accuracy
    • Greater accuracy in classifying short and poor descriptions, supplier name abbreviations and wrongly spelt/misspelt words
    • Ability to classify into any schema "UNSPSC, eCl@ss, PIDX, NATO or a customer's custom schema " and in any language. It has been trained for most major industry verticals and can be trained in any industry or speciality.
  • Verdantis Attribute Extraction

    The Verdantis Advantage

    • Fully automated tool that can extract information from any pre-defined text or field
    • Normalization of the input description
    • Enrichment of the content using co-referencing to extract additional critical attributes from the web
    • Extraction provides a rich set of API's that allows for seamless integration with third party systems
    • Rich knowledge base of over 1 million normalized and un-normalized item descriptions and supplier/manufacturer names gives Verdantis an enviable competitive edge
    • Unique automated approach reduces the turnaround time of the data
  • Verdantis Data Normalization

    The Verdantis Advantage

    • Fully automated process to normalize part information Units of Measure, Value Prefix/Suffix, as well as normalize part numbers and manufacture names.
    • Fully automated software to find similar named manufacturers, distributors or suppliers and de-duplicate
  • AutoCrawl

    The Verdantis AutoCrawl Advantage

    • Makes customized data aggregation easy and fast
    • Intelligent and automated extraction of technical specifications
    • 100% coverage
    • Automated structuring of unstructured data

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