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Process Improvement

Not every organization is looking at huge projects such as ERP/EAM implementations. Most successful companies carry out regular process improvement operations to ensure they are technically current and are in sync with their customers' morphing requirements.
Whether you are looking to streamline your operations or consolidate your manufacturing, good quality data can prove to be the secret sauce in your recipe. Reliable data can help you make more accurate decisions more confidently, improve operational efficiency, and add real dollar value to your organization's bottom line.

Verdantis Solution for Process Improvement

Verdantis Harmonize is a SaaS based solution that helps prepare legacy data to become master data in its true sense; assuring a de-duplicated, consolidated, classified, validated and standardized data set in the output formats needed for uploading into the ERP or EAM. It's powerful data harmonization capabilities are tailor-made to deal with Global 2000 material master harmonization challenges, unlike generic MDM software providers that do not understand the intricacies of item/parts data.
Verdantis Integrity is an automated Data Governance tool that manages the quality of master data on an on-going basis. It keeps a cleansed and harmonized material master permanently clean. Verdantis Integrity is a one-stop solution for maintaining the quality of material master data in the ERP or EAM system. It prevents data duplication and enhances discovery, visibility and compliance.

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