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Organizational Merger

With Mergers and Acquisitions, companies are looking to identify and unlock hidden synergies. This is impossible if their data is stored in silos, resulting in systems not able to "speak" with each other. Master data management standardizes and rationalizes your data to ensure enterprise wide visibility and business-ready data.
Once a robust Material MDM solution is implemented, it supports the organization's growth strategy by facilitating on-going IT systems integration and enabling smoother rollouts. This increases the company's agility and reduces the friction and drag that can occur with business integration that typically follows a merger or acquisition.

Verdantis Solution for Organizational Merger

Verdantis Harmonize brings the power of Artificial Intelligence based automated Master Data Quality improvement to "end user" organizations. Harmonize encapsulates best practices learned over a decade across multiple industries and geographies. Offered in a SaaS-based deployment, Harmonize enables organizations to improve master data quality by optionally leveraging their internal teams and knowledge assets to overcome data quality challenges.
Verdantis Integrity is an automated Data Governance tool that manages the quality of the master data on an on-going basis. It keeps a cleansed and harmonized material master permanently clean. Verdantis Integrity is a one-stop solution for maintaining the quality of material master data in the ERP system. It prevents data duplication and enhances discovery, visibility and compliance.

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