Material Master Data Audit (MMDA)

Material data audit is a Material Master Enrichment (MME) process simulation on a representative set of your enterprise material master data. It is a detailed audit to assess data quality to identify areas of improvement, which can help you to unravel dirty little secrets buried deep within your millions of material master data. Up front identification of the material master "Data Truths" will drastically reduce your risk of project failure and increase the chances of success.

Verdantis consultants will work with you to profile a representative sample set of MRO data. Verdantis software tools will cleanse, classify, enrich and de-duplicate your sample material master data and generate sample reports. Once processed, its domain experts discuss the audit results with you and help you create a strong business case. And, all this at ZERO COST !

So what are you waiting for? Its time to leverage the power of Verdantis’ automated software tools and deep domain expertise to conduct a detailed Material Master Data Audit and know the intricacies of your material master data.



How does it help?

The output of an MMDA will help you to establish the quality of your enterprise material master data by discovering "Data Truths" like:

  • Percentage duplication
  • Exact duplicates and functional duplicates
  • Accuracy and consistency of source data
  • Percentage attribute enrichment in the data
  • Helps in building the business case for material master cleansing and enrichment initiative