Verdantis Harmonize for Material Master Data Management

Automated Material Master Data Harmonization
Verdantis Harmonize brings the power of Artificial Intelligence based automated Master Data Quality improvement to end –user organizations. Harmonize encapsulates best practices garnered over a decade, with experience across multiple industries and geographies.

Offered in a SaaS based deployment, Harmonize enables organizations to improve master data quality with an option of leveraging their internal teams and knowledge assets to overcome data quality challenges like:

  • High volumes of data
  • Duplicate entries
  • Multiple languages
  • Non-uniform commodity coding standards
  • Poorly classified or incomplete data (missing part numbers)
  • Poorly structured descriptions (inconsistent or missing specifications)
  • The unique characteristics of parts (especially MRO) data

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Verdantis Harmonize

Verdantis Harmonize is an extremely configurable and easy-to-use solution to standardize, normalize, attribute, rationalize and enrich the organization’s material master data using embedded knowledge that leverages enterprise knowledge assets. This transforms data into a productivity lever that drives organizational optimization and improved productivity.

Harmonize uses clustering algorithms and fuzzy logic matching to quickly “learn” industry-specific data associations. This enables individual professionals in customer’s internal teams to process thousands of records in a few hours, marking a huge leap in productivity over traditional methods of data quality improvement.

Key Features

  • Fully automated solution powered by AI technology
  • SaaS based solution
  • Configurable work-flows and data-management rules
  • Supports distributed and virtual team processes
  • Graphical process builder to manage projects and batch processes
  • Support for 26 languages
  • Capable of handling huge volumes of data
  • Enables superior discovery of identical/alternate parts and items
  • Readily available quality reports for data classification and attribution
  • Out-of-source enrichment of MRO items
  • Involves minimal end-user training

Key Benefits

  • Inventory optimization and cost reduction
  • Improved part search and part reuse, leading to greater compliance
  • Improved visibility into procurement and sourcing
  • Higher ROI from ERP consolidations
  • Force Multiplier of internal teams of 10x owing to automated technology like clustering, fuzzy logic matching, and Learn-by-example


Verdantis Harmonize (SaaS based deployment) is based on Verdantis Harmonize (service), which has delivered  over 100 million lines of clean, standardized and normalized data. This has helped unlock ROI in performance improvement initiatives, enhance EHS compliance and streamline operational productivity in industries like:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
    • Aerospace
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Construction + Building Material
  • Process Manufacturing
    • Chemical
    • Food and beverage
  • Oil & Gas Exploration / Production / Distribution
  • Industrial Agriculture
  • Mining / Natural resources
  • Power Generation and Distribution / Utilities

Verdantis Harmonize is tailor-made to deal with Global 2000 material master harmonization challenges, unlike generic MDM software providers that do not understand the intricacies of item/parts data and hence lack powerful data harmonization capabilities.

Verdantis Harmonize is especially effective when working with large volumes of data. Often projects undertaken byservices-based vendors  who apply a manual approach to data cleansing, end up being long drawn and expensive - while delivering sub-optimal data quality.This results in wasted resources and failed data quality initiatives.

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