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ERP Implementation

An ERP/EAM implementation is a painstaking process something that takes up your organization’s time and resources. But many SAP and Maximo implementations fail to generate the projected return on investment. There are many reasons for this, but one way this can be remedied is through an effective MDM solution.
Any ERP is as good as the data it contains. A data quality initiative ensures that the data loaded in a new ERP system is not corrupt and can be relied upon. Once the initial data populates the system, it is critical to make sure that new data loaded in the future does not corrupt the existing, clean data. This can be achieved through a data governance solution.

Verdantis Solutions for ERP Implementation

Verdantis Harmonize is a SaaS based solution that helps prepare legacy data to become master data in its true sense assuring a de-duplicated, consolidated, classified, validated and standardized data set that is ready for loading into the ERP or EAM systems. It’s powerful data harmonization capabilities are tailor-made to deal with Global 2000 material master harmonization challenges, unlike generic MDM software providers that do not understand the intricacies of item/parts data.
Verdantis Integrity is a ERP or EAM bolt-on of easy-to-use On-going Master Data Governance repositories and processing solutions for on-boarding enterprise asset master information and maintaining current data for items and materials. It seamlessly integrates with SAP, Oracle, Maximo, Asset Suite & other leading ERP and EAM applications. It helps people get the most out of the existing material master by enabling superior search and increasing adoption and compliance.

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