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Verdantis Material Master Solutions to Automate Data Cleansing and Governance

In one hour, learn how you can improve the way your organization manages the quality of material master data to empower your operations and enhance the corporate bottom line. Using Verdantis automated data cleansing and governance solutions, discover a new way of harmonizing material/item/product master data while empowering your internal teams with collaborative and distributed workflows. Alternately explore how Verdantis can offer a rapid time to solution in a turnkey mode.

Register for the webinar to witness a demonstration of Verdantis' automated tools and learn how they can help with:

  • Artificial intelligence- assisted historic and on-going master data harmonization
  • Non-source enrichment that makes material/item data an invaluable productivity asset
  • Best-in-class search that enables stronger visibility across plant locations and business units
  • Unlock force multiplier of 10x for internal teams and knowledge assets for data quality projects
  • And more !

Join Jay Fielding, Regional Manager for Verdantis, the leading master data management solutions provider that leverages Artificial Intelligence based technologies and domain expertize, in an enriching session that promises to change how you look at your ERP.

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